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Cellular Shades


Because they are so versatile, cellular shades & blinds are customizable window treatments that provide a wide range of options with accessible prices. With light-filtering and blackout fabrics, as well as a large array of colours, cellular shades are a consistent favorite of our customers.

Cellular shades are constructed with unique honeycomb-shaped air pockets that run the length of the fabric. These pockets are designed with cost savings in mind by offering the best energy savings and most superior insulation for any window covering. The cells trap cold air in the winter and warm air in the summer, lowering your energy bills over time. The pockets also feature “D” shaped cells that keep the pleats crisp and prevent them from sagging over time, maintaining their appearance and function for years to come.


Cellular shades are available with light filtering and blackout options and your choice in either single or double cell, depending on your preferred level of insulation. All of our cellular shade fabrics have a neutral white backing for a clean and consistent street-side appearance, increasing the curb appeal of your home and conforming to condo board requirements.

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