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Retractable Screens

There is a custom retractable screen perfect for  your home, whether it is a townhouse, single family home, apartment or duplex. Retractable screens are suitable for all types of doors. 


Retractable screen doors are the ultimate screening solution – they are insect screens that disappear into a compact housing that doesn’t interfere with regular window or door functions. You only have a screen for your window or door when you need it.

The screen is extended from the housing and kept in place by a magnetic latch that easily retracts with the aid of a spring-loaded roller tube inside the unit housing. Homeowners often prefer this type of screen, even with more traditional slider doors and windows, because they do not block views of the gardens or vistas.

Retractable screens are a perfect solution for entry doors, french doors, patio doors, in-swing doors, out-swing doors, terrace doors and windows.

No Fly Zone is an authorized dealer of Mirage Screen Systems, which manufacture high quality retractable screens and carry multiple options in terms of color, size and materials for your screening needs.  Contact No Fly Zone to find out the many options available or check out the Mirage website for more details.

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