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High-Lite Shades


These shades are a popular choice among homeowners looking to break away from traditional styles. The unique fabric combines the look and performance of traditional shutters and blinds with those of today's modern roller shades, blending two styles into one design and maximizing on the benefits of both.  

These shades alternate horizontal bands of opaque-coloured fabric with sheer inlays in a continuous piece of fabric to allow a balance of natural light and privacy unlike any other window treatment. When lowered, opaque bands will overlap with the sheer inlays for privacy and room darkening. Raise the shades a little to align the opaque bands and let the filtered light come through the sheer fabric to create a soft and peaceful look similar to that of a Venetian blind.


When the shade is raised completely, it disappears into its decorative curved aluminum cassette and allows you to completely take in the outdoor view. You can also position it anywhere in between for a custom look that provides privacy, light filtering and views outside.

Elite High-Lite® Shades also offer protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and heat control.

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